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CookieHub Wordpress Plugin


If you are currently using Google Tag Manager, we suggest following this guideline instead of using the CookieHub Wordpress plugin: Google Tag Manager


Our WordPress plugin makes it easy for web managers to implement our SaaS solution on their websites, ensuring compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations related to user consent. Below, you'll find essential information to guide you through the setup process.

Download the CookieHub Wordpress Plugin (opens in a new tab)

How Do I Find My Domain Code?

Your domain code is a unique identifier for your website on CookieHub. To find it, log in to your CookieHub account and navigate to the dashboard. The domain code can be found in the list of domains:

Domain code in list of domains

What Is Development Mode?

Development mode is a feature that allows you to test CookieHub on your website without publishing changes. This feature is useful on development websites to test changes to the CookieHub functionality or user interface. Remember to disable development mode when your website is ready for production.

Please note that development mode is only available for domains with paid subscriptions

How Does CookieHub Detect the Language?

CookieHub seamlessly identifies the language utilized on your website by tapping into the language settings provided by WordPress or WPML. To leverage the multi-language feature, ensure that you enable the desired languages within the CookieHub dashboard. For additional details, refer to our documentation: Languages & Translations.

What Is Automatic Cookie Blocking?

CookieHub provides automatic cookie blocking to help you manage and control the cookies on your website. Once configured, CookieHub will block cookies until the user gives explicit consent, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. Click here for further information about the Automatic cookie blocker.

What Is Google Consent Mode?

Google Consent Mode is a feature that allows you to control how Google tags behave based on user consent. With CookieHub, you can easily integrate Google Consent Mode, providing a more tailored and compliant user experience when using Google services.

More information about Google Consent mode

What Are 3rd Party Tags?

Third-party tags refer to external scripts or services that may be integrated into your website. CookieHub allows you to manage these third-party tags and control their behavior based on user consent, enhancing transparency and compliance.

Within the CookieHub WordPress plugin, you have the flexibility to input third-party tags directly into designated boxes. CookieHub will intelligently manage these tags, enabling or disabling them in accordance with user consent. Each cookie category is conveniently displayed as a tab, allowing you to insert the third-party tag either in the HTML head section or at the end of the body tag. It's essential to insert each tag into only one of the boxes per category to prevent any potential conflicts.