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Cookie categories

Cookie categories

CookieHub offers 5 standard cookie categories that are universally used throughout the platform. Here's a list of these categories, including their corresponding IDs utilized for delay JavaScript blocks and html tags using the Conditional HTML tags method:

NecessarynecessaryConsisting of essential cookies that are needed to enable core functionality.
PreferencespreferencesCookies that are not strictly essential but could enhance the user experience without collecting behavioral data or personal information.
AnalyticsanalyticsCookies that monitor user behavior and collect information about website usage for analytical purposes, allowing website owners to understand how visitors interact with their site and make improvements to enhance the user experience.
MarketingmarketingCookies that track user behavior and gather data on website usage, specifically for marketing purposes. These cookies enable website owners to tailor advertising and promotional content based on user preferences and browsing patterns, thereby optimizing marketing campaigns for a more personalized and effective user experience.
UncategorizeduncategorizedReferring to any additional cookies that do not fall under the four categories mentioned above, or cookies with an unknown purpose.