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Getting started

Choosing implementation method

To implement CookieHub and ensure that no cookies are set on your users' browsers before they have consented, you can choose from one of the following implementation methods:


You should only use one of the implementation method as installing CookieHub more than once on the website will cause issues.

HTML tag

If you are not using Google Tag Manager or Wordpress, the CookieHub JavaScript code can be implemented directly into your website's code, no matter what CMS or programming language you are using. However, if you are not using the automatic cookie blocking feature, you may need to adjust the HTML code to make sure that JavaScript code blocks or elements loading external content aren't loaded before the user has consented.

Manual Implementation Guide

Google Tag Manager

If you are already using Google Tag Manager to load tags on your website, we recommend using the CookieHub CMP template available from the GTM Community Template Gallery.

Google Tag Manager Implementation Guide

Wordpress plugin

CookieHub provides a Wordpress plugin that makes implementation simple and straightforward. The plugin can be used in combination with the automatic cookie blocking feature.

Wordpress Cookie Consent Guide