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The Linker feature provided by CookieHub is a powerful tool that enables website owners to forward user consents to a different top-level domain with ease. This feature helps website owners eliminate repeated CookieHub consent dialogs when switching between top-level domains, as well as avoid requesting user consent again when changing a website's domain name.

The Linker feature works by intercepting link clicks on your website and sending a query string parameter to the destination URL. CookieHub then reads and stores this parameter on the destination domain. This way, when a user clicks a link that takes them to a different top-level domain, the user's consent preferences are carried over automatically, without the need for the user to provide consent again.

This is particularly useful for websites that operate across multiple domains or have recently undergone a domain name change. Without the Linker feature, users would need to provide consent each time they navigate to a different top-level domain, which can be time-consuming and frustrating for users. With the Linker feature, users can navigate between domains seamlessly, without any interruption or need for additional consent.

As of CookieHub 2.6.2 the Linker feature only forwards user consents if all categories were allowed.