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My domains

Upon accessing the "My Domains" link within your account, you'll be presented with a comprehensive list of all the domains you've registered. This section is designed to provide a snapshot of essential details and available actions for each domain, facilitating easy management and oversight. Below is a clearer breakdown of the information and functionalities you can expect:

  • Code: Each domain is assigned a unique 8-character code. This code plays a crucial role in integrating CookieHub with your website, whether through Google Tag Manager, the CookieHub WordPress plugin, or other implementation methods.
  • Name: This column displays the name of your domain, providing an easy reference to distinguish between multiple domains in your account.
  • Cookies: Here, you'll find the total number of cookies included in your cookie declaration. This figure aggregates both cookies detected automatically by CookieHub and those you've added manually. Additionally, a noteworthy feature in this column is the "N need attention" button, which alerts you to the number of cookies either set before obtaining user consent or those that are uncategorized, requiring your prompt attention.
  • Sessions: This metric shows the percentage of session usage for the current billing period, offering insight into how your domain's traffic contributes to your overall CookieHub subscription.
  • Subscription: The subscription column indicates the specific plan you're currently utilizing for CookieHub services, allowing you to verify that you're on the appropriate plan for your needs.
  • Actions: In the event there are unpublished changes pertaining to a domain, a "Publish" button will appear. Clicking this button enables you to publish these changes to your domain. Additionally, a "Details" button is available for each domain, granting you access to a more in-depth overview and further management options for your domain.

Domain settings - General

Domain Details

Accessing the details of your domain on CookieHub unveils a comprehensive overview, designed to provide critical insights and facilitate easy management of your domain’s cookie consent settings. This enhanced domain overview is meticulously organized into seven key sections, each offering specific functionalities and actions:

Domain settings - General


This section displays your active subscription plan, including the total monthly sessions allocated and the upcoming renewal date. For added flexibility, you have the option to modify your subscription. By clicking the "Change subscription" button, you can easily switch between different subscription plans or alter your billing cycle from monthly to yearly, tailoring the service to your needs.


Gain visibility into the total count of cookies associated with your domain, encompassing both automatically detected and manually added cookies. Noteworthy is the inclusion of an alert for cookies set prior to obtaining user consent or those that are uncategorized. Managing and categorizing these cookies is straightforward—simply access the "Manage cookies" option within the Cookies tab.

What do you want to do?

This segment serves as your gateway to a variety of actions:

  • Customize the user interface to enhance user experience.
  • Edit content & translations to ensure clarity and compliance across different geographies.
  • Modify settings & regions to cater to specific regulatory requirements.
  • Configure language settings for broader accessibility.
  • Access implementation assistance for seamless integration.
  • Dive into the "manage cookies" section for in-depth cookie management.


Stay informed about the version of the CookieHub widget your domain utilizes. An "Upgrade" button signals the availability of a new version. A green indicator means you're on the latest version, eliminating the need for immediate action.

Cookie scan

This section outlines the outcomes of the most recent cookie scan, including the date, the count of detected cookies, and the number of pages scanned. A manual scan can be initiated at any time to ensure your cookie inventory is up-to-date.


Monitor your domain’s usage with insights into the total number of sessions during the current billing period and the utilized percentage of your plan’s session allowance. For an in-depth analysis, the "View usage reports" button provides access to detailed session usage reports.


At the bottom you'll find 4 action buttons:

  • Reset user consents: Clear existing user consents to prompt the CookieHub dialog for returning visitors.
  • Import settings: Streamline the setup for new domains by importing settings and customizations from an existing domain in your account.
  • Change log: Review a comprehensive log of changes for the domain, with options to revert to previous settings.
  • Delete domain: Remove a domain permanently from your account and cancel any associated subscriptions.